Innovation Skills - Professional Development

In our fully-remote, self-paced and online sprint, you can learn how to develop innovative ideas.

Improve your business ideas:

  • Develop a strong business idea with your team fully behind it.
  • Identify and overcome important challenges.
  • Build your capacity to innovate
  • Test assumptions that may be hindering progress.
  • Secure management buy-in.

It’s a creative platform for developing ideas into innovations.

Innovation Sprint

Welcome to the Innovation Sprint! This sprint is designed to accelerate your idea along the innovation journey.

The innovation sprint speeds up the entire process of development-learning-testing-validation-execution-and so on. From six months to three days.

Distinguished Chase Consulting Director Craig Peacock teaches you how to develop a strong business idea that will set you on the fast track to successfully grow and scale your business.

What makes a Business Idea, successful?

We start with, what makes a business idea, successful?

Your journey begins with the customer. We UNCOVER what makes a business idea desirable, one that your customer really needs.

Your first activity is to select your business idea which you will develop and strengthen in this program. The outcome for our first day is a carefully defined business idea.

The Innovation Sprint Program will help you strengthen this business idea.


Finding the Innovation Sweet Spot.

We explore the market potential for your business idea.

We EXAMINE what makes a business idea feasible, one that builds on the strengths of your capabilities.

The innovation strategy sprint encourages you to take small steps, to prove the potential and long-term impact of your business idea. 

  • What makes it Desirable?
  • What makes it Feasible?
  • What makes it Viable?
The Path Forward

What do you need to do to make your business idea happen?

Identify the key building blocks that are necessary to plan, develop, test and validate tour business idea.

The innovation sprint canvas helps you effectively tell your story, get input, and ADVANCE your thinking in the next phase of the innovation journey.

The innovation sprint canvas focuses attention on critical technical, market, resource, and execution issues that can determine the success of your innovation.

The innovation Sprint has been a really useful tool to support our team to develop our latest campaign plans.

It has helped challenge our thinking; facilitated some important conversations so we could discuss and explore ideas; as well as providing a key framework for us to develop a united approach; to ultimately innovate a model for market success.

Working through the customer piece gave us clarity on who is our targeted customer, who is the financial customer and who are our stakeholders.

In a time where we are increasingly adopting remote working habits, it’s great to have this tool available to help our team to connect and have value conversations.

We intend to keep using the Innovation Sprint for future idea development.

Kieran Brophy, Assistant Director - Play Australia

Explore Which Option Is Right For You ...

Each participant develops and strengthens their business idea.

The online canvas is ideal for capturing your business idea in real-time, anywhere.

The Innovation Sprint is great for teams to develop and strengthen their business idea.

Each team member has an individual login and password. They record their notes using the online canvas.

The team produces its consolidated business idea using the Team Canvas in the PowerPoint format.

The Innovation Sprint is a valuable tool for front-line employees and teams to develop and strengthen business ideas.

Many business ideas can be combined to create one innovation project.

The Innovation Sprint Dashboard is used for team reviews, innovation decisions, and project implementation.

Get started.
Innovation Sprint
Industry-leading instructor
Craig Peacock (PhD), Director Chase Consulting Group has over 25 years’ experience in innovation, strategy, and scaling businesses.
Tried, tested & optimised materials
We have mentored 35 organisations which have received $1.55 m in innovation seed funding over the past 7 years.
Over 6 hours of total content and activities

It’s a creative platform for developing innovations with 7 learning modules over 3 days.

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100% online, part-time & self-paced.

You will accelerate along the innovation journey to create YOUR business ideas.

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